Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year or Sweet 16!

Well, 2015 has ended and can I say that I am excited about that (and not because it was bad). Actually, it was exactly opposite. 2015 was the best year my family has ever had. Did I say perfect? No!! We had problems, obstacles, and set backs, but we have learned, made changes, made goals, and grown! We were blessed! We were strengthened! We were prepared for a S~W~E~E~T 2016!!
As a family, we have one main goal this year. 
                "More GOD Less Me"
More love, less hate
More health,less lesciviousness
More faith, less fear (worry)
More grace, less judgement
More forgiveness, less grudges
More positive, less negative
More peace, less chaos
More giving, less taking
More building, less tearing
More fun, less problems
More patience, control, rest, memories, wisdom, blessings, and again LOVE
MORE GOD, less me!!

From our family to yours,
We pray for you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

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